Sponsor Areas, Patches and Stitching

The “sponsor area” must not be used for religious or political statements. The “sponsor” must fit with the ethics of Budo and sports (no discrimination, no Alcohol, no Tobacco, …).

The “personal sponsor” cannot be in competition with official JJIF sponsors.Only official equipment suppliers of JJIF are allowed on sponsor areas (additional to the brand areas).

Only the name of the Competitor can be placed at the backside of the belt In IWGA World Games and Sport Accord World Combat Games NO Advertising is allowed, only the brand of Equipment can be placed in the “brand” positions.

Competition Dressing and Personal Requirements2

The competitors shall wear a good quality white Ju-Jitsu Gi (as specified in Figure 1 ) which must be clean and in good order.

The belt shall be tied with a square knot, tight enough to prevent the jacket from being too loose and long enough to go twice around the body and leave between 20 and 30 cm of the belt on each side of the knot.

No shoes shall be worn in the contest area, and all contestants will compete barefoot

The jacket shall be long enough to cover the gluteus muscle and be tied around the waist by the belt.

The sleeves shall be loose enough to grip and long enough to cover the arm up to 5cm from the wrist joint wrist. The sleeves may not be rolled up.

The trousers shall be loose and long enough to cover the leg up to 5cm from the ankle bone. Trousers legs may not be rolled up.

Female competitors are required, male competitors are allowed, to wear a white leotard/rash guard under their Gi jacket.

Additional personal requirements (protective gear) for disciplines shall be defined in the respective rules.

They shall wear red or blue belts depending on their position in the bracket.

  • First contestant = red colour belt and red protective gear
  • Second contestant = blue colour belt and blue protective gear
  • The competitors must have short fingernails and toenails.

    The competitors are not allowed to wear anything that may injure or endanger the opponent.

    2 : If a competitor will not follow this rule, he is not allowed to start the match. He has the possibility to change the complained items of equipment and to show up again within 2 minutes.