Description of Falcon

About the symbolism of choosing the bird “FALCON” as the mascot for Jiu Jitsu World Championship 2023:

Mongolians have a history of naming their national wrestlers’ titles after birds since ancient times. Mongolian national holiday “Eriin Gurvan Naadam” includes wrestling and the titles of wrestlers are “Nachin” (meaning falcon) for passing 5 times, 6 times is “Hawk”, 7 times is “Zaan” (meaning elephant), “Garid” (a mythical bird) for the ones that passed 8 times and so on. Also titling teenage wrestlers after the bird “Falcon”. The ritual of wrestlers symbolize the act of bringing the power of sky being brough to earth. Regarding this, Mongolians see their wrestlers as powerful and divine, belonging to the sky, thus comparing them to the strong creatures roaming the sky. The whir of a falcon, the power too much for its small body is mentioned and included in the blessings of wrestlers. Although the bird falcon is small compared to other birds of prey, its quick and elegant movement in the sky, the strong physique makes them the best birds for hunting. Seeing the bravery and pride in this bird, we chose the bird “FALCON” as our mascot.

About choosing to connect the mascot of Jiu Jitsu World Championship 2023 “FALCON” to the legend of “JANGAR”:

Jangar is the God of lightning and thunder in a Mongolian legend. Mongolians see him as the “Son of the sky”. He is compared to the mythical bird “Hangarid”, God of thunder “Ochirvaani” in Buddhism, and said to be have "Fire serpent as whip and deranged wolf as horse". Seeing as the God of lightning and the “Son of the sky”, he was associated with the falcon, and was honored by many, put on the national symbol. Therefore, it was believed that feathers of hunting birds such as falcons, eagles would protect from struck by lightning when sewn onto hats or attached to the house. Because it is connected to the sky, protecting us from thunder and lightning, we have chosen this small, powerful and special hunting bird as our symbol.